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All the info you never needed to know


Filmgarb was launched in 2013. The goal of this website is simple; provide a resource for people looking to buy cool clothes they see in movies and shows. Currently Filmgarb specializes in funny, novelty and somewhat geeky men's clothing. Whether you're looking to expand your wardrobe or to buy a gift for someone special, be sure to check back often; the catalog is always expanding.


Getting in contact with me (the site admin) is simple; just shoot an email to I love to hear from visitors, so don't hesitate to contact me.


If you'd like to submit an item to our database, please email me at Please provide as much information about the item as you can (pics help tremendously). At the current time I am no longer able to help with requests.


How do you find everything on this site?

It depends on the item, but generally it involves descriptive and accurate search terms and/or Google Images. On occaison it involves contacting the costume designers directly.

Who runs this site?

Just a guy who watches way too many movies and shows (and has a hankering for finding apparel from said movies or shows).

I want you to find something for me; can you?

I am no longer accepting help requests at this time.

I found something; will you put it on your website.

Yes I will! That is, unless I find the item you submit offensive or exceptionally mundane. Check above for the email address.

What's up with the 'find this item' sidebar thing?

Those are items I have not yet been able to source. That means I can't find a retailer that sells it or a close replica or I lack proper information about the item's origin to find aforementioned retailer. I put those items in the sidebar so that, maybe, a visitor of the site could help me out. If you can, send me an email at!

I have a technical question about your website; will you answer it?

Yep. Just send me an email and I will answer any technical questions to the best of my ability.

I placed an order for something, now I have a problem; who should I contact?

You should contact the vendor you purchased the item from! Nothing is sold through Filmgarb itself, rather you are linked to vendors who sell the items posted. It is up to your judgement and at your own risk to decide to purchase those item(s).

Do you use affiliate links?

I do, but don't worry, I'm not getting rich off of your clicks. It also has no impact on the items I put on the site; any money I make off of the affiliate links covers the expenses of this website.

How dare you?

You dare to dare me?


The site is built on Wordpress and uses a custom theme, designed by me. If you like the theme, I will (hopefully) be putting it up on GitHub in the near future. If you have any questions about it, find my email address above and send me a message.

Here is a list of websites that have helped me build and maintain Filmgarb:

This website uses, primarily, the Google font Lato with a hint of Helvetica. Please tell your friends about this website. If you read all of this, gz.

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