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Adam’s Corn Dog Hoodie

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Season 04 Episode 08

Adam wore one delicious looking hoodie in the beer heist episode of Workaholics; it had corn dogs all over the sweatshirt pocket. The hoodie comes from Apliiq, yet another ‘design your own clothes’ website. I know what you’re thinking, ‘don’t we have enough of these sites?!’ I did too, until a looked a little closer at Apliiq.

Apliiq does it a little different, but in a big way. With most apparel designing websites, you select the shirt type, upload the image and that’s it. That’s not the case here; Apliiq (as far as I can tell) gives you way more design options; like making the pockets or cuffs a different color or patterned (from a generous library of patterns they supply). Hopefully in the future they’ll allow for user submitted patterns but for now, Apliiq is kind of like Zazzle on bath salts.

$55.00 @ apliiq



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