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Camp Crystal Lake Shirt

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The weather is getting warmer (for half of the world) and whenever that happens I am reminded of attending summer camp as a wee lad. When I think of summer camp I often think of one of the most famous (fictional) summer camps in media history; Camp Crystal Lake.

For those of you that don’t know what Camp Crystal Lake is, it’s the summer camp that Jason Voorhees attended in the Friday the 13th horror franchise; the camp that helped shape him into the upstanding citizen he was destined to become.

The shirt is sold by Serial Killer Shop, which features some really awesome designs. Sure, I got a free t-shirt, but I still would have made this post if I didn’t. Unlike 90% of the emails I get about various web stores, Serial Killer Shop actually sells some radical and unique t-shirts and other clothing that I would wear; check them out!

$24.95 @ Serial Killer Shop



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