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Charlie’s Red Stripe Jacket

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Season 06 Episode 04

This might be the only jacket Charlie wears in It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, other than his green army jacket. We aren’t quite sure what kind of jacket it is, but it looks like a red and black version of an Adidas track jacket. It’s black, has some red stripes down the sleeves and some sort of unidentifiable logo on the left breast.

Update: Got an email from a nice fella pointing me to this reddit post, where some jabroni identified the patch on the jacket as a famous navy patch.

The fella, in the email, also seems to think it is an Adidas jacket; he thinks it’s an Adidas Superstar TT Track Jacket in Black/Light Scarlet; unfortunately it still seems unavailable, but at least you can buy the patch.

Thanks, jkh.

Update 2: You can buy this jacket from the website linked below!

£55.00 @ Love Threads Clothing



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