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Don’t Recall Knope Shirt

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Season 06 Episode 04

It’s nearing election season here in the US and what better way to celebrate the glory of government participation than sporting a t-shirt that exemplifies just that. In fact, every year when election season comes around, I make a bunch of ‘don’t recall knope’ signs and place them right next to all the other political signs in my town, along with some of her campaign posters; it’s a great way to confuse people. As we can see this ‘don’t recall knope’ t-shirt from Parks and Recreation was worn by Jerry while showing his support for council-woman Leslie Knope.

Recall Leslie Knope? Don’t!


EDIT: A nice visitor has brought it to my attention that the shirt is no longer available. I have put some other Leslie Knope shirts in the link below!

$19.99 @ Amazon



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