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Garth Algar Costume

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Garth Algar, drummer, rock music enthusiast and co-host of Wayne’s World. If you’re looking to cosplay or assemble a Halloween costume of Dana Carvey’s famous persona, you’re going to need to grab more than a few items.

Garth wore the same basic outfit in Wayne’s World; a flannel a rock t-shirt, some loose fitting (and cut up) jeans and a pair of Chuck Taylors. If you really want to capture the essence of Garth you’ll also need to get the blond wig, unless of course you are already folic-ally blessed. And don’t forget the black glasses.

Below I’ve listed all the items you’d need to put together a truly schwing worthy Garth costume (about $125.00). Don’t forget to tear up the jeans a little and if you want extra points, use black laces instead of white in your Chuck Taylors. If you’re a really dedicated Halloweiner, you could also grab a poster of Claudia Schiffer and carry that around with you.



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