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Glorious Dear Leader Shirt

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Seth Rogen will, soon, star in a film about North Korea. In that film Mr. Rogen will play a journalist that attempts to get an interview with the Ever-Victorious, Iron-Willed Commander Kim Jong Il, or possibly his son, Jong Un.

It’s only fitting that Seth Rogen wear a Glorious Leader, Kim Jong Il t-shirt to promote the film. Unfortunately he is not as forward thinking as I, so he may or may not have actually worn the shirt he is seen wearing in the above image.

The t-shirt comes from a great new clothier, thatshirtwascash, that makes hilarious and cool graphic tees. The way they go about printing the shirts is a bit unique; the community votes on what designs will be printed and then once voting is closed, they print which designs won. You can check out the subreddit here for more information and a clearer explanation on how it works.  Check them out and buy some shirts.

$25.49 @ thatshirtwascash



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