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Hunter S. Thompson Costume

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Dressing like Hunter S. Thompson / Raoul Duke, or at least the Johnny Depp / Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas version, is a pretty popular costume amongst people as soon as Halloween comes around. This costume necessitates about 6 pieces of garb. You need the hat or visor, sunglasses, cigarette holder (actual cigarette optional), a Hawaiian shirt, some light colored slacks and a pair of all white Chuck Taylors.

Johnny Depp wore a few different outfits throughout the film and the costume below would be the Hunter S. Thompson from the first 20 minutes of the film. If you’re wondering about the pants and shoes we suggest, watch the part of the film where Depp runs to the trunk, opens it and grabs some drugs out of it.

Speaking of drugs, this costume works best when under the effects of mescaline. Don’t forget to buy lots of mescaline.



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