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Joker’s Jacket

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Probably one of the most infamous coats in film history, Joker’s jacket from The Dark Knight, played brilliantly by Heath Ledger. The Dark Knight was one of the last films Heath Ledger acted in before his untimely death and it holds one of the top 5 spots in IMDb’s top 250. This movie was awesome.

If you are looking to get a jacket like Joker’s in the film, you can go the cheap route and buy one of those flimsy costume coats sold all over the internet or you could go to Magnoli Clothiers, one of the best garment reproduction clothiers out there. What you get from Magnoli is a high quality, functional, jacket; not cheaply assemble stuff meant to be worn only one day. If the jacket you’re after is only for a Halloween costume, then the cheap route is the way to go. If you’re looking for an actual jacket to wear, that looks like Joker’s from The Dark Knight, then Magnoli is your best bet.

$550.00 @ Magnoli Clothiers



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