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Sheldon’s Vitruvian Superman Shirt

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Season 07 Episode 02

On this t-shirt, which Sheldon wears in the seventh season of the Big Bang Theory, we see a Vitruvian Man (in the form of Superman). Most people know this drawing, made famous by Leonardo da Vinci, but most don’t know it’s origins.

Although The Vitruvian Man drawing, as most know it, was created by da Vinci, it is based on the works of Vitruvius (hence the name), a Roman author, architect and civil engineer. It was meant to described the ideal proportions of man.

The shirt was made and distributed by The Comic Center of Pasadena, but they have unfortunately closed and all their t-shirt designs have since been made unobtainable. Click the link for decent alternatives.

$17.95 @ Amazon



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